Such a small world..

Jolted out from slumber by the sudden storm of May, I was fastening everything around me, few hours ago. The wimdchyme screamed the presence of a dark disturbed night. The taffy curtains, drunk on rain, appeared rouge in the crackling light. I regretted not closing the panes..same has been with my heart.. I regret quite a few liberal decisions of mine.

The roaring clouds left no option for me but to sink in a desolate corner and rethink my if I don’t already do it all the day. The book I started this week drew my attention..I didn’t know why I don’t find time for it .. I mean Tamora was quite an interesting character though.

It was close to 3 Am and in sweeping steps, gloom enveloped me. I reached out to my phone which had several unanswered messages..The last one read “Did you get any idea yet?”. I thought of calling someone..but wait, who? Someone I lost in the loop of life? Myself. Okay so how about a blank call? I dialled few numbers which seemed credible and after four invalid ones and three unanswered rings, a woman picked up.

May I speak to Tamora, please? ” God! I really needed to get done with that play real soon.

Sorry, wrong number” was expected but “Hey, I can’t sleep and I see you can’t would you mind conversing with this stranger for a little time” blew my mind. I smiled at her cockiness but as most of the smiles are inaudible..even she thought she has embarrassed herself.

Okay, let’s talk tell me why can’t you sleep?” I initiated.

Today I will finally gather courage and ask my husband for divorce” her voice was painfully calm. “What’s keeping you up” she was quick to ask.

Today I will finally gather courage and ask my boyfriend for marriage” I just said in a flow.

Oh, my husband isn’t aware of anything”

Him neither”

She must have thought that how we both are living an almost- same almost- opposite life. So just to break her trance, I asked ” How’re you going to muster up the vailancy”

Chivas- Regal..few drops in and the Cinderella within tears up the glittery gown and jumps with a shining sword” she said it with a light laugh.

We talked about love and we talked about betrayal but never for once did I try to comfort her. Typical Stranger. It got close to 4 and she told me that after her daughter goes to school today, she’ll raise the matter. After all a little one can’t stand so much. She’s just turning five this month and all she wants is a Disney gown.

Tell me, something about your husband” I asked because, why not? how do I start..He’s way too into John Milton. His closet it full of pastel shades. He likes to gift glass paintings. He finds solace in the darkness and according to him silence has a melody. He plays a weird tune on piano when he is sad..and when he’s happy..he just plays the same tune louder. Candles make him sad but lalterns give him assurance. He has a thing for rusted photo frames and shining China cups and he believes that only art can save this world” she was letting it all out.

All the time I wondered..why on Earth is she divorcing him, when all of this in one man is enough to make me fall in a love of lifetime but then like a bolt I found my answer.

This time she haulted my thoughts “ Hey’s morning and I guess we both need to get back from where we escaped an hour All the very best and take care”

I could have said the same but ended up saying “Goodbye.. and take care of Viola.. make sure she knows that her daddy loves n forever”

And just as I expected, after a second of steeping silence, the line disconnected. I sighed and stood up to start the day but not before sending a “Yes, I think a Disney Gown would be just as perfect” to the unanswered message.


21 thoughts on “Such a small world..

  1. Unexpected things sometimes leaves every thing unanswered, even leaves us numb for a moment or two..your words really blew my mind and I lived each and every syllable of yours..Such a small world.. beautifully said, beyond your eyes but only close to your lugs..That night would have been worth..Really loved this one, Yashkirti di

    Liked by 5 people

  2. Hey beautiful…
    This one’s as perfect and as complicated as you..
    No wonder You reign the kingdom of Contradiction !!
    And I miss you like hell: COME BACK :
    The Zara store awaits please don’t kill me for this one !

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Thankyou Aisha…
      You’re kinda right..the only sad thing is, at times I’m left all alone in this kingdom..
      I miss you too..Will soon fly down. And don’t you start it again.. 2 hours of embarrassment was enough !!

      Liked by 3 people

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