Such a small world..


21 thoughts on “Such a small world..

  1. Unexpected things sometimes leaves every thing unanswered, even leaves us numb for a moment or two..your words really blew my mind and I lived each and every syllable of yours..Such a small world.. beautifully said, beyond your eyes but only close to your lugs..That night would have been worth..Really loved this one, Yashkirti di

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  2. Hey beautiful…
    This one’s as perfect and as complicated as you..
    No wonder You reign the kingdom of Contradiction !!
    And I miss you like hell: COME BACK :
    The Zara store awaits please don’t kill me for this one !

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    1. Thankyou Aisha…
      You’re kinda right..the only sad thing is, at times I’m left all alone in this kingdom..
      I miss you too..Will soon fly down. And don’t you start it again.. 2 hours of embarrassment was enough !!

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