He smiled?

Today, did he smile at you?

Walking up to your seat did he pick up the pen, you carelessly dropped? He must have even complimented the colourations on your notebook and said that your floral dress reminds him of the time he spent in Hawai with his grandmom. Finally after meeting him almost everyday, today you noticed him !! Damn that bewitching smile of his, it can make heart skip beats..

By now, he might be wishing you every morning, stealing your glances every time he gets a chance. His stares have a trance of an unknown world. You might just as well wish for his number, don’t worry, he himself will soon find a way, to get yours. So, you like him..? I mean, why wouldn’t you..His vibes are poetic and just to feel a passing breeze of his, can make your being flutter.

The other day, you visited his place? Or should I rather say- ‘Castle Of Mungo’ ..just as he likes to call .. He and his vivid contours of imaginations. Did you also like his rosewood vases and calorina blue curtains? His choices, you must be thinking, are weirdly beautiful. He likes to read Arthur Conan Doyle, listening to Frank Sinatra. After dropping you home, did he say – “Thanks for bringing colours into my ramshackle life, even if it was just for a day” ? Sweet right..??

So he proposed under a blanket of stars and totally swayed you away. You now might be knowing was dating him feels like. His love is as carnal as is divine. Its the fire you crave for, to sooth the burns. He tells you that he yearns for a person who can simply reciprocate his love and every time he says that, I know your heart melts. And do I even need to mention the faint odour of his cologne.. Even paradise seems trivial.

Now that in these 14 months of exploration.. Of being his centre of world, you trust him with all you have and life with him seems so beautiful that it isn’t even imaginable without him..GET READY …

He is about to leave you anytime soon.. No questions no answers.. Just the fragments of your heart in the smoke of haunting memories.

I know you’ll be left numb but all I can say is, I had none but you..you have me..

And hey, please do pass this on to the next girl he smiles at..!!


One thought on “He smiled?

  1. So 2day u both r meeting for the last time
    Aftr meeting for allmst 22 times finally dis is the LAST, FINAL 1.
    Rembr u both had an aweesome jrny


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