Memories transcend..but only if allowed to. It’s been fourteen months and I still stand questionable to it.

Last night, my friends were discussing the fermentation of SAINT AMOUR. It brought me back to the time when SAINT AMOUR and I, were your special favourites. Till the time their conversation lasted, I vacantly stared at the rear mirror, trying to find my missing pieces in the fast forward arena. I no more enjoy autumn evenings, sipping earl grey tea, watching the tired leaves kiss the ground.

Few days back, I read a note on forgiveness..people around me would never know why those few blatant words took me twelve long minutes and why they clouded my vision. I remember avoiding the movie outing with my friends, feigning headache..they brought me to notice that I said it for the sixth time in a row.

I no more shop celestial blue dresses. I can’t even share my playlist..I don’t want it to work against my smile and I still wonder, why do I feel like travelling the length of time, back to when these were a routine. I don’t think much about you but then I can’t understand why people around me say that often do they find me motionless, detached and blank. I have almost given up on writing, because every piece I start has a mention of….

Maybe it’s all a dome of my regret. Fourteen months ago, there was a frail knock at my door. My bruised heart knew it was yours but it never knew it’ll be last of yours. I forced a finality of goodbye and you turned to never return. Apprehension has been the only constant since then.

My mother stares helplessly at me, she says she want her daughter back.


9 thoughts on “Detached

      1. After reading the post I was just in a hurry to comment some positive lines or something to help you get out of depression, but glad to see your comment that it was all your imagination, very well written Kirti ji

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  1. If this was fictional, I wonder if your words coming straight from your heart and your emotions they could actually leave us bewildered..I am sure that a day would come when you’ll shine and outshine as one of the most prestigious writers of this world..I really loved this Yashkirti di

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