Every night of mine..has a solemn reign of uninterrupted silence.. I can feel the glance of breezy moonfall, the slow rushes of the leaves and the whispers of stars..I guess, I’ve clearly fallen from Lord Morpheus’s grace..

There are hours in which I honour my solitary Space..but then there also, are moments..really long ones, where I sit back and watch my life slipping through my fingers..

In a total dead end game, I still keep on to my pace but here the catch is I’m against myself..

A part of me is too tired to even bother, all it can sense, breathe and feel is – sleep…

But then there’s a part of me..a part which is all up for exhausting expeditions..which is too drowned in memories to sit back..and this part is truly overweighing..

This wrestle is breaking me like a stale pie… This do and undo is tearing me to ribbons..and sadly all I do is to view this hustle..

At times I wonder, was my wishlist that farfetched..

All I ever wanted was someone to take me to neverland, someone who could find my scars and walk through the walls of my heart.. Someone who could hear my screaming silence amidst my never ending rants..someone who could gauge the pain of my smile..someone who could easily reach out to the glint in my eyes..someone who could unfurl the timid me, hidden around the mighty flamboyancy.

Someone who could see my deep laid flaws and find beauty in it..

Well the struggle is real, the questions ceaseless and the night unanswered..

For now, All I can do is to let the wrestle continue till there’s the conquer of indifference.. !!


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