Suffocating silence

I was at ease with my confounding kingdom..

With tons of monstrosity to palliate boredom..

Growing stagnant, edgy yet sublime..

Celebrating on having none to call as mine..

Almost did I manage to find solace..

And tied laces for the quenched race..

Never expecting, never admiring..

Faking smiles even without trying..

It was maybe under a twinkling star..

That on your road, I bumped my car..

You enlivened me by lending your arm..

I knew it won’t ever bring any harm..

Neither sick nor sorry, knowing my fate..

Still you so wanted me to persistently state..

With each passing day I forgot myself..

Simply, a tad little deeper in yourself..

Somewhere deep down, I surely knew..

One day, there’ll be a change in static hue..

But with your charismatic presence..

Everything had an aromatic essence..

The days turned starry and nights bright..

Don’t know why on Earth it felt so right..

You stood by me with unmatched endurance..

Your eyes always had a sparkling assurance..

But finally one star crossed eve, I clogged in..

Beats skipped and yes I admit tears did brim..

Like a cigarette I holed and ashed down..

What was once our solitary magical town..

My smoke started the in flinched torment..

Sadly, can’t even say I got space to lament..

You couldn’t handle, it was high time..

Finally sour tasted the pretentious lime..

I never knew how it all found a start..

Won’t either know why it began to part..

Just one question haunts the silence by me..

Why did you ever say, “try me”..!?!


11 thoughts on “Suffocating silence

  1. I never expected that anyone can portray their pain with such a beautiful flow, the way waves flow in the ocean your words too were flowing with an ease but could really smell the essence of your pain.Your words touched me deep. I really loved it Yashkirti di.

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