Debrief me of my Existence

I hope a shadow falls when, I walk in broad daylight..I hope my belly works in sync, with my breaths.. I hope my heels, clatters along the pavement..I hope my vocal cords functions, when needed..I hope a sweaty patch is left on the railing, I lay my palms on..I hope my frame occupies, some space in the queue..

I hope I’m alive..right??

All the lovelies who are still not ready to stop tossing their hearts like a flip coin ..there’ll be people along the way..who are all out to burn, betray, stab and plunder your serene smile…!! The reality might feel claustrophobic..the people you once felt home with are in the rush to draw separate ways..but then the only aid is..

Just- LET IT GO..!!

To the meagerest of contacts, a bruised hand which will freeze…my heart has earmarks of an autumn leaf which flows through the breeze. Yes, meddlesome at times..but still sweet than the slurry of limes..!!

Yes, let it go..holding back is eroding your insides..let it go, it wasnt ever yours. You don’t need to slump and slouch over and strangulate your heart to ribbons just to be acknowledged..!!

It’s hard, I’s not impossible, I assure..Life’s beautiful.. Try living it beautifully πŸ™‚


11 thoughts on “Debrief me of my Existence

  1. Dear daughter dearest..
    Remember you’re unique and beautiful. I have been the perfect witness to your growth. You are capable to take charge of your own life. And by far you have proved to be amazing, be it rectification of mistakes or the vivid contours of exploration.
    Just here to tell you – you are loved by us

    – Mommy Dearest

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  2. Hey, this one is beautiful..well past is not a mistake if you have learnt a lesson from it. And I guess your; up up sunshiny days are round the corner. Wish you would let me be a part of those πŸ™‚

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  3. Hey beautiful
    your words are my therapy. It’s just been some 2 months since we met and here I’m missing you like hell again 😦 .. anyways – meet me soon

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  4. Honestly, this is amazing. You’ve knitted some subtle emotions into words which did not fail to bring a curve on my face. πŸ˜‰ I look forward to such more stuff.

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