Dear SoulSister 

Once upon a time in a land far far away

Existed two kingdoms, divided by a bay ..

Though they were different, they both had something precious..

Commonly known as their secret treasures..

One being the crown, the mighty and the beautiful..

Other being a sword, the stunning and herculean..

The Royals were very protective..

Knowing the outside world to be infective..

But still the crown and the sword, longed to glance the world..

Quite understanding, it was ‘actually’ furled..

They got several warnings full of care and concern..

But they had passion in mind’s cistern..

Stepping out, feeling the wind and seeing the sun..

They breathed emotions, ignoring fate’s bun..

Full of life, the crown and sword..

Befriended everyone who came toward..

Alas! The fate played its nasty parts

Stabbing the tender and the innocent hearts..

The people they called friends, had now turned their backs..

Knowing that crown and sword had learned their heinous acts..

Crown and sword, heartbroken and hue ..

Found themselves crying and everything got blue..

The trust was broken and faith turned to ashes..

As the friends got lost and friendship turned into clashes..

Though their hearts were badly bruised..

They accepted they were only terribly used..

Era passes  and cons departs..

But the crown and sword were still shaken in their hearts..

Stabbed and burnt, they swore never to trust…

As their faith was turned completely to dust.. 

They continued living the melancholic life..

Until one day, as the fate mellowed its pipe..

Cautious, as they were, rememberimg the grevious past..

But still their acts of hatings couldn’t last ..

The crown being the first to break out the facts..

Poured sunshine in the sword, through the cracks..

Although the sword quite slow, got the fact..

Turned the crown positive, thus deciding to ignore the past…

Both of them, though weak at pace..

Finally found each other in the race..

Albeit, they greive and long for the memories..

They learned to be each other’s remedies..

That is how the crown found sword..

The the pledge of alliegence was born..!!

This is not the story of betrayal or friendship. But a tale of seeking someone who could tell and remind you of yourself..They still aren’t aware enough to brand their relation..but they call themselves friends and that’s all what matters..!!! 

From someone as alembicated as ‘soul


As hallowed as ‘sister‘…

  • “Subconsciously she poured her heart out to her..neither of them cognized the flying start of a sublime relation”
  • Some relations are inexplicable all you know is they are beautiful

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