I think its time to say.
As greenery is always admired by the lay
I thought, I could go silent..
But now I’ve finally arranged
Words and emotions on the heart’s tray..

The way you rock me in the dead of the night..
Its the only way I forget my plight
The way you glance on my dripping hair..
Its soothing but I avoid the stare..
The way you pick my each rush
And stiffen it in just one hush..

I fall sick and you care
Don’t blame for at times even you’re the same..
The happiness I feel is amazingly new..
Its even more chaste than the morning dew..
I’ll watch your back forever
Just to ignite the fervour of ‘together’

You think you’re alone in the world’s line..
That your tears don’t count as mine..
Your sadness is my blood deduction
Your pain is my defoliation
Your numbness is my joy resistance
Your tears question my existence

What else could I ask
You’ve loved me without a mask
In my arid heart, you are the rain..
My sadness, only you can drain..
But still I say in a blow
Keep me safe honey, don’t ever let me go..

Wait, are you still waiting to listen the words..
Those three little, understandable even to the nerds..
You’re smile is my favourite treat
I feel I’m on my destination street
With the bliss of heaven and aroma of Jasmine..
I LOVE YOU.. much more than you can imagine

For me, love is friendship..this one’s for all those friends who care to drop a message in this jam packed life.. For all those friends who bother to notice the frown and initiate to bring a smile..For all those friends who are magic in the most natural way.


17 thoughts on “Confession

  1. You are definitely one of the best things ever happened to’s easy when I wake up next to my lovely daughter…!! life moves in the direction of the best when you assure me with a warm smile…and your literary works are something I can be proud of..!! Mumma loves you baby..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Trust me…every time you blow my mind…I just requested you to write something on friends and you came up with this…how can you be so good at everything…!!

    Miss sexy…just keep it up..we all love you..!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. How I drown in each word of it..I seriously never knew that words can be penned in such a sublime way..!! This was beautiful…much much more than you!! so finally I found something which exceeded your ‘inside-out’ beauty.

    Liked by 1 person

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